How far is from XXX to OOO?

I have lived in great Washington D.C. area for years, but the most frequently asked questions between me and friends is:

OpenSolver—A free optimizer for Excel

OpenSolver is free and open source software for Excel without any annoying limits on problem size. This kind of software makes me think of What’s Best. It is good for undergraduate’s hands-on project for OR related classes at the very beginning stage. It also provides API for Excel VBA, awesome! Even exists a Google Sheets version!…

Define optimization problems by LaTeX

First of all, this issue has bothered me A LOT for such a long time. But every time I just leave it away because the final version of my manuscript looks acceptable in its formatting of optimization problems, well, at least fits ok with the journal template.

A six-paragraph model to structure your research statement

Research statement, a summary of your current research as well as future research plans, is often required for applying a position in academia. In fact, preparing this also benefits your interviews. In general, anyone who reads your RS should catch a clear idea of what your work involves and want to know you more about…