Some features in Gurobi Python interface

In order to provide a better modeling experience, Gurobi provides a few tailored objects and functions for building up optimization models. This post is a quick review of them. Gurobi tuplelist This is a subclass of list to store lists of tuples, for example: select is a very efficient way to select elements in a tuplelist….

Python String Format

About number formatting The following table collects the most essential use of str.format() Try print(“FORMAT”.format(NUMBER)) if you would like to run any of these cases. Number Format Output Description 3.1415926 {:.2f} 3.14 2 decimal places 3.1415926 {:+.2f} +3.14 2 decimal places with sign -1 {:+.2f} -1.00 2 decimal places with sign 2.71828 {:.0f} 3 No…

Some useful references for LaTeX users

Some useful references are collected in this post and this would be kept updated if necessary.   List of  mathematical symbols Detexify–A handwritten symbol recognition:  you draw it and they recognize what it is templates for optimization models table generator: one of my favorite online service helps you rapidly generate your table and realize the…

A4 or US letter?

I believe that I am not the only one person who always submits the manuscript for conferences in the last minute.