Define optimization problems by LaTeX

First of all, this issue has bothered me A LOT for such a long time. But every time I just leave it away because the final version of my manuscript looks acceptable in its formatting of optimization problems, well, at least fits ok with the journal template.

Word Spelling: British vs. American

I often use to edit my manuscripts because it is cool for inserting equations. The other reason is that I can only focus on content and keep away from the typesetting. Recently, one of my paper had been accepted and a final version should be submitted before proofreading. However, this journal asked me to follow…

Using LaTeX in WordPress

LaTeX is good for typing math equation or some specific symbols in the post. The Basic idea is: $ latex YourLaTexCode$ For example, $ latex E(x)=\frac{\sum_{i=1}^n(x_i-\bar{x})}{n}&s=3$ parameter s assigns the font size from 4 to -4 (4 is the biggest) Reference: The document about writing LaTeX in WordPress

Insert enclosure into PDF using LaTeX

Option 1 \documentclass{article} \usepackage{attachfile} \begin{document} contents \attachfile{filename.tex} ‘file name \end{document} Option 2 \documentclass{article} \usepackage{embedfile} \begin{document} Content \embedfile[stringmethod=escape,mimetype=plain/text,desc={you may put your own description here.} ]{filename.tex} \end{document}