Some Jupyter editing tips

Block indent/unindent : Shift / Tab + Shift Multi-lines comments : Ctrl + / Undo text entry in Cell: Ctrl + Z IPython Magic Commands %matplotlib inline: this will shows plots in notebook directly

Embed a snapshot from your Gist

本來在Gist的網址是 將帳號從網址中除去後即可直接貼上wordpress的new post完成snapshot embed Sorry, something went wrong. Reload? Sorry, we cannot display this file. Sorry, this file is invalid so it cannot be displayed. Viewer requires iframe. view raw KMean_Version3.ipynb hosted with ❤ by GitHub

List of on-line learning websites

Basically, this list is concentrated on data science related courses, please feel free to let me know if there is something good but I didn’t know yet! Thanks! Coursera: With sufficient classes among subjects, the platform is also very friendly. edX: More like the typical class in the university, and length of classes is also…


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