A4 or US letter?


I believe that I am not the only one person who always submits the manuscript for conferences in the last minute. Although this may depend on your field, most of the researchers put more efforts on editing their journal papers instead of conference papers. Last month, I was invited to co-author for an IEEE conference with a former colleague. Everything was almost under my control and I would submit the paper before the deadline. However, the submission system would automatically check the uploaded manuscript and diagnose the errors of compliance. Unfortunately, my manuscript just could not pass the compliance check. I spent a few time to make sure what’s going on, and that is only because the paper size of my PDF is A4 and only US letter is acceptable. The problem

The problem is that I edited my paper based on the sample LaTeX source file with suggested class file, and also followed the notice as follows:

\documentclass[letterpaper, 10 pt, conference]{ieeeconf}     % Comment this line out if you need a4paper

%\documentclass[a4paper, 10pt, conference]{ieeeconf}   % Use this line for a4 paper

\IEEEoverridecommandlockouts  % This command is only needed if you want to use the \thanks command

\overrideIEEEmargins % Needed to meet printer requirements.

My environment is WinEdt+MiKTeX on Windows 7, I did everything I should do but I kept receiving a A4 size output. Well, the fact is, I did compile a US letter size DVI file, but it went wrong while converting dvi->ps; no wonder that ps->pdf will eventually result in US letter size. I realized this matter when I found another editor TeXworks and generated a correct PDF file. Therefore, there must be something wrong with the configuration of WinEdt.

The version of WinEdt is 9.0, and what I would like to mention below may vary by versions.

Go WinEdt -> Options -> Execution Modes, and look for dvi2ps from field Accessories. We can force the paper size as Letter so that the paper sizes in DVI and PS files generated in WinEdt will be consistent in the future.






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